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How To Install Iptv On Lg – IPTVUK.UK

How To Install IPTV On LG

IPTV is becoming increasingly popular among technology enthusiasts and TV lovers. It allows you to stream your favorite channels or media content without any glitches or interruptions. If you own an LG Smart TV, then installing an IPTV service will enhance your television viewing experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install IPTV on LG:

Step 1: Check Your LG TV Model And Firmware Version

Before installing any IPTV service on your LG Smart TV, check the TV model and firmware version. You can do this by checking the information on the box, or by going to the “Settings” menu on your TV. Check if your LG Smart TV supports IPTV and if the firmware is up-to-date.

Step 2: Download And Install The Smart IPTV App

Now that you have checked that your LG Smart TV is compatible with IPTV, you need to download and install the Smart IPTV app. You can download the app from the LG Content Store or go to the official Smart IPTV website. Once you download the app, install it on your TV.

Step 3: Grant App Permission And Activation

After installation, grant the Smart IPTV app permission to access your TV. You can do this by going to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “General” > “Smart Security” > “More” > “App Permissions” > “Smart IPTV” and select “Allow.” You need to activate the Smart IPTV app by purchasing a one-time activation fee of €5.49 on their official website.

Step 4: Add IPTV Playlist To Smart IPTV App

After activation, you need to add IPTV channels to the Smart IPTV app. You can do this by following the below steps:

  • Get the IPTV Playlist URL from the IPTV provider or source
  • Open the Smart IPTV app and go to the “Settings” menu
  • Select “External Playlists” and then click on “Add Playlist”
  • Enter your IPTV Playlist URL and click on “Add Link”
  • After the playlist loads, select the desired channel and start streaming

Step 5: Enjoy Your Favorite Channels

After completing the above steps, you are ready to stream your favorite channels on your LG Smart TV. You can enjoy live TV, movies, TV series, and sports events via the Smart IPTV app.


Installing IPTV on LG Smart TV is a straightforward process, and it only requires a few steps. The Smart IPTV app is the best option for LG Smart TV users as it is reliable and supports most IPTV services. By following the above steps, you can start streaming your favorite channels effortlessly on your LG Smart TV. So, go ahead, install an IPTV service, and enhance your television viewing experience.

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